Sri Yamuna’s arrival…

Sri Yamuna devi, the transcendental river who forms an inseparable part of Lord Krsna’s divine pastimes. The Yamuna is exalted above other sacred rivers of India. She carries the drops of sweat from the transcendental body of Lord Krsna when He performed His jala kreeda or watersports on the moon-light night of the rasa dance, and forms the setting for His sweet Vrindavan pastimes.

The Garga Samhita contains a beautiful description of the Yamuna’s descent to earth. The descent of the Ganges is a well known subject in both spiritual and artistic realms. The Samhita mentions that one who remembers this pastime will attain the transcendental forest groves where Lord Krsna enjoys His pastimes. The following are excerpts from Chapter 3 Vrindavana khanda.

“Ordered by Lord Krsna in Goloka, Yamuna, the best of rivers circumambulated the Lord and was about to go to earth. Then the Viraja river and the spiritual Ganga river both entered the Yamuna. For this reason the people know that the Yamuna is the greatest of rivers and the first queen of Lord Krsna. Thereafter, with great force, breaking through the current of the Viraja, the Yamuna left the gate of the transcendental forest grove. Touching countless universes, she came upon the spiritual Ganga. With great force, the great Yamuna river broke through the Ganga’s water.”

The Yamuna proceeded through Brahmaloka, and the abodes of the various denizens of the heavenly planets, purifying all the places she traversed. She entered Vraja mandala where Lord Krsna performed the rasa dance. She bowed three times before leaving Vraja, filled with separation, she then flowed to Prayaga…

“When flowing with Sri Ganga, she entered the Ksira ocean, the demigods in heaven showered flowers and exclaimed “Victory!” When dark Sri Yamuna who was the best of rivers and the daughter of Mount Kalinda, entered the ocean, she spoke to Sri Ganga with words choked with emotion.”

“Sri Yamuna said: O Ganga, you are fortunate. You purify all the universes. You were born from Lord Krsna’s lotus foot. Everyone bows before you alone. Now I will ascend to Lord Hari’s abode. O beautiful one, you also come. There never was or will there ever be anyone as glorious as you.”

“Sri Ganga said: I, the Ganga, who contain all holy places bow down before you. O auspicious one, please forgive any improper words I may have said. O dark Yamuna, you are the fortunate one. You purify all the universes. You were born from Lord Krsna’s left shoulder. Your form is full of transcendental bliss. You are most perfect and complete. You are worshipped by all. You are dear to Sri Krsna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead.”

Sri Ganga continued, “O dark Yamuna, I bow down to you, the first queen of Lord Krsna. The holy places and demigods find it difficult to attain you. Even in Goloka, it is difficult to attain you. By Lord Krsna’s order, I must go to Patalaloka now. I am unhappy to leave you but I cannot go with you. I will become th eleader of many gopis in the rasa dance circle in Vraja. O beloved of Lord Hari, please forgive any improper words I may have said.”

The sacred rivers bowed to each other. Then, Sri Ganga descended to Patalaloka, and Sri Yamuna ascended to Sri Goloka, Lord Krsna’s eternal and all-auspicious abode…


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