The Padyavali

Srila Rupa Goswami’s “Anthology of Devotional Poetry”… I couldn’t take it anymore! Everytime I read a truly nectarean verse about Lord Krsna, it was cited from this mysterious work by Rupa Goswami. So I decided to get a copy… and I wasn’t disappointed. A few particularly touching verses quoted below…

Where were the hunter Dharma’s piety, Dhruva’s maturity, and Gajendra’s knowledge? Where was Kubja’s beauty? Where was Sudama’s wealth? Where was Vidura’s noble birth? Where was Ugrasena’s chivalrous strength? Lord Madhava is pleased only by devotional service and not by material qualifications. – Verse 8

O Madhusudhana, if a wise person in his heart serves Your lotus feet, then any sins he may have done are all nullified. If he rejects Your service, he gets all sinful reactions, even though he may not have done any sinful deed. – Verse 9

Knowledge is not equal to love of Krsna, and the ability to perform mystic tricks is not equal to Krsna’s holy name. – Verse 15


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