Brahmanas’ wives blessed

All glories to the wives of the proud Vedic brahmanas. All glories to the wives of the Kaliya serpent. Through pure devotion they all obtained the lotus feet of Lord Govinda.

One of my favorite pastimes of Lord Krsna is how He chose to bless the humble and devoted wives of the yajna brahmanas. I feel that this pastime really shows how Krsna is cognizant of the intention and devotion of all living entities. Although the brahmanas were outwardly worshipping the Lord with rules and regulations, they refused to feed Krsna and Balarama when They arrived at the sacrificial arena. The yajna brahmanas chose to offer food into the sacrificial fire (considered to be Lord Vishnu’s tongue), rather than place their food offerings directly into the lotus mouths of Krsna and Balarama, the very source of all universes…

On the other hand, the wives of these proud brahmanas embodied humility. When asked by Krsna to return to their husbands, the wives retorted, “O almighty one, please do not speak such cruel words. Rather, You should fulfill Your promise that You always reciprocate with Your devotees in kind. Now that we have attained Your lotus feet, we simply wish to remain here in the forest so we may carry upon our heads the garlands of tulasi leaves You may neglectfully kick away with Your lotus feet. We are ready to give up all material relationships.” – SB 10.23.29.

Having seen Krsna and Balarama in person, their devotion had been rewarded. The wives chose not to ask for lofty positions of intimate service to the two Lords. They felt that since they had attained the Lord’s lotus feet, they only wished to be associated with it’s remnants- tulasi leaves.


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