Tulasi Krsna Preyasi…

Kartikeya inquired, “My dear Father (Lord Siva), which tree or plant is capable of giving love of God?”

Lord Siva replied, “My dear son, of all trees and plants, Tulasi Devi is the topmost, She is all auspicious, the fulfiller of all desires, completely pure, most dear to Lord Krsna, and the topmost devotee.

Long ago, Lord Krsna, for the welfare of all conditioned souls, brought Vrindadevi in the form of a plant (Tulasi) and planted Her in this material world. Tulasi is the essence of all devotional activities…

My dear Kartikeya, if I was to describe Her glories for eternity, I still would not be able to reach their conclusion.

Excerpt from Sristrikhand of Padma Purana


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