Sri, Bhu & Nila Devis

“Krishna’s own form has only two hands, but in the form of Lord Narayana He has four hands. Lord Narayana holds a conchshell, disc, club and lotus flower, and He is full of great opulence. The sri, bhu and nila energies serve at His lotus feet.”- CC Adi 5.27-28.

Often in south India, where the Sri and Madhva sampradayas prevail, the Supreme Lord is worshipped with His energies as the four-armed Narayana, with consorts Sri, and Bhu devis. When the Goddess Mahalakshmi manifests one form, She appears as Sri devi. When two forms are manifested, She appears beside the Lord as Sri and Bhu devis. When three forms are manifested, Sri, Bhu and Nila devis reside by the Lord. These three energies of the Lord serve at His lotus feet, and are manifestations of His iccha sakti (iccha means desire, more in the sense of to will somthing; Srila Prabhupada refers to this sakti of the Lord as the willing energy for this reason). For more on this, refer to Srila Prabhupada’s purports CC Adi 5.27-28.

The south Indian divya desa of Thiruchcherai is the residence of Lord Narayana known as Saranatha, or the “Lord of All.” His deity is accompanied by deities of His energies, Sri, Bhu and Nila devis. Most south Indian temples dedicated to Lord Narayana have deities of only Sri and Bhu devis. Thiruchcherai is the only one where the the Supreme Lord gives darshan with all three energies. The deities are both ancient, and extremely beautiful. These deities were personally visited by the Alwars, the south Indian Vaishnava saints, and verses were composed in Their praise.


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