The Original Vision of Lord Krsna

The transcendental weapon of Lord Krsna, the Sudarsana chakra is often worshipped as a separate deity. This is true in Orissa, where the chakra takes on a rather peculiar form of a red and white pole that is seated beside the deities of Lord Jagannatha, His brother Baladeva, and Their sister Subhadra devi on the altar. During the Ratha Yatra festival, the deity of Sudarsana rides with Subhadra Devi on Her chariot named Padmadvaja…

In south India, many ancient deities of Sudarsana are still worshipped in famous Vaishnava shrines such as Sri Rangam and Kanchipuram. One of the most famous of these deities of Sudarsana is worshipped in the south Indian town of Thirumoghur, a trucking stop. Worshipped by truckers and pilgrims alike, this deity of Sudarshana is believed to act as a divine guide who grants safe passage, and directs the worshippers to their respective destinations. His deity is unique as it is not only exquisitely detailed, but also has inscribed all the bija or seed syllables of His mantra..

O Sudarsana wheel, you are religion, you are truth, you are encouraging statements, you are sacrifice, and you are the enjoyer of the fruits of sacrifice. You are the maintainer of the entire universe, and you are the supreme transcendental prowess in the hands of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. You are the original vision of the Lord, and therefore you are known as Sudarsana. Everything has been created by your activities, and therefore you are all-pervading.– SB 9.5.5


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